What We Do

The Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF) is a charitable organization that raises money and works with the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) and other partners to undertake co-operative development projects in Canada and around the world.

CDF raises money in order to:

  • Promote and advance development and education as guided by the seven
    co-operative principles.
  • Ensure that all money raised goes directly to programs created for poverty relief through community empowerment and development.
  • Co-operate with organizations and governments who believe in the same work in order to better advance and secure our projects.

We Extend Canada’s Co-operative Legacy

By supporting co-operative development through donations and fundraising for CDF, you participate in the export of valuable Canadian knowledge and experience. The co-operative model that Canadians have used for more than 100 years is a sustainable, democratic and values-based framework for community-driven capacity building that works around the world.

Through CDF, Canadian individuals and organizations can reach out to marginalized communities in developing regions by providing loans, seed funds, vocational education, and expertise in co-operative management.

Our projects are built on the success of previous investments and the experience of local partners. They are strengthened by the expertise of hundreds of Canadian co-op member volunteers and they leverage funding from Global Affairs Canada and other partnerships.

We Multiply the Value of Your Canadian Dollar

CDF channels your contributions directly into the hands of impoverished people throughout the developing world.

The value of your contribution to CDF and its international beneficiaries cannot be overstated. Wherever possible, CDF uses donations to leverage matching funds from other donors. For example, Global Affairs Canada has programs that provide a 3-to-1 match.

Most importantly, your contributions seed legacies of hope, health, prosperity, education and sustainability. Co-ops build and co-ops last. Your support lets CDF help marginalized people around the world create their own community-owned path to prosperity.