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Concentra partners with CDF to continue building a global co-operative community

Concentra partners with Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada to continue building global co-operative community

(Ottawa, May 8, 2017) Continuing a commitment to alleviate poverty around the world, Concentra has announced a pledge of $300,000 over four years to support the work of the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF) and the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA), bringing their total financial contributions to over $680,000.

"In addition to the vital support our credit union clients provide in their communities across the country, Concentra is pleased to support the important work CDF undertakes on behalf of Canadian co-operators to alleviate poverty around the world," said Ken Kosolofski, President and Chief Executive Officer, Concentra.

It's a simple truth: poverty knows no borders. The cycle of poverty around the world continues to hold generations of people back from achieving their true potential. The basic principles of co-operation provide the foundation to build and maintain realistic, responsible and sustainable economic development for all people.

"We are thrilled that Concentra continues to work with us to build a global co-operative community," said Michael Casey, CCA & CDF Executive Director. "Concentra is ensuring that credit unions in developing nations are reaching the unbanked with products and services that will be there for generations to come."









Tim Ownes, VP, Marketing and Stakeholder Engagement, Concentra
with Michael Casey, ED, CDF and CCA.