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International Women’s Day 2017

On this International Women's Day 2017, we reflect on the role of co-ops in creating a more inclusive, gender equal, world.

#Coops4Women | #IWD2017 | #BeBoldForChange

Co-operatives are businesses that are owned and managed by their members. Together, co-ops provide a wide range of needed products and services at affordable prices. They create jobs, prosperity and opportunities in their communities.

Co-ops are people focused. People use their co-ops to grow, save and connect.

Co-ops are empowering, enabling environments that help build a global co-operative community.

Here's how co-operatives are creating inclusive spaces that work for women:

1. Having a co-op membership can give women the opportunity to earn an income. For some, this may be the first paying job they've ever had!

2. In many countries, farming or starting a business is seen as a "man's job". In a co-op, the work of women members as farmers and entrepreneurs is equally recognized and respected.

3. Women members have an equal say in how their co-op is run. Co-ops foster a space where women can become business leaders and innovators.

4. Many barriers can inhibit women from entering the workforce. As co-op members, women can access vital resources to their success including childcare, education, and financial products and services.

There is a lot to love about co-ops. They let people work together and share the benefits equally while building their savings, assets, and most importantly, a sustainable livelihood. Show your love for co-op principles by:

1. Volunteering for a local co-op

2. Donating to organizations that support co-op principles

3. Becoming a member of a local co-op

4. Speaking out so more people learn about the co-op advantage

We hope you'll join us this international women's day to make your world a better place.