CDF Gratitude Report 2015

This March, the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF) published its second annual Gratitude Report.

Instead of a full length annual report, the CDF Gratitude Report is an opportunity to thank everyone who is helping CDF to Build a Better World through donations, fundraising and volunteering. Moreover, it highlights the impacts that these contributions have made on CDF's co-operative development projects around the world.

With support from Canadian co-operators, co-operatives, and credit unions, CDF is working to reduce poverty by strengthening credit unions and co-operatives in 16 countries. Thanks to its supporters, CDF is helping 12.6 million people in 2.7 million households to work, own, save and build sustainable livelihoods.

CDF's Gratitude Report highlights some of these people's stories, and the co-operative development projects they are part of.

To request copies of the report, please contact CDF at

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