2022 Annual Appeal – Why They Give!

The past year has been challenging for us all, with the pandemic not quite behind us, the impacts of climate change accelerating, and the war in Ukraine taking a toll on the country and the world around it. For many of us, the cost of fuel has hit our pocketbooks and strained supply chains have created delays. Frustrating? Yes, but fortunately for most of us in Canada, we’re able to cope. Sadly, this is not the case for millions of people living in developing countries around the world. Their lives – already made difficult due to poverty, food insecurity, global warming and political strife – have become even more desperate. But there’s hope and you can help!

With the generosity and support of individuals and corporate donors in the co-operative and credit union community here in Canada, CDF has been improving the lives of people across the globe for over 75 years. Together, we’ve been helping build more resilient, equitable and self-reliant communities. Together, we can make a difference!

CDF Canada attracts some of the most generous and compassionate donors. We have a diverse group of donors, each with their own reasons for giving. Some give for personal reasons, others to support their corporate goals and/or values. They all share a common goal of wanting to help create a world of self-reliance, equality and economic prosperity.  We love hearing their stories and hope you will too!

Read ‘Why They Give!’ Discover the impact we’ve already made and the difference we can continue to make together, as we help pave the way to prosperity for another 75 years.


2022 Annual Appeal-Why They Give

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