Breaking New Ground

We’re Breaking New Ground!

With your help, we will strengthen the economic and social well-being of 500,000 women, men and children over the next three years! Your donation will provide pathways to self-reliance for communities around the world.

For every $1 donated, we leverage $8.70 from funders.For the price of one latte, $5.70, you can help a family become food secure, a woman gain leadership skills, or a farmer become self-sufficient.

Breaking New Ground means:

Closing the Gap on Gender Inequality

Women farmers like Luisa Fernanda Padilla are finally earning income for their labour. No longer limited to their roles as housewives and mothers, these women make a wage producing artisanal cheese for their cattle ranching association. Their husbands now help with household chores while they are producing cheese.

Aided by CDF Canada’s IMPACT project, more women are able to enter the workforce in rural Colombia.


Promoting Financial Inclusion

After living in a refugee camp during Sierra Leone’s civil war, rice farmer Mamie Conteh was considered “unbankable” by most financial institutions. Unable to save much money, Mamie and her family lived harvest-to-harvest. Mamie joined a local credit union because she needed help to open more land for rice cultivation. Small loans were all she and her husband needed to double their rice harvest.

In Sierra Leone, CDF Canada will bring credit union services within reach of 100,000 people by 2025.


Strengthening Resilience and Sustainability

When Typhoon Yolanda destroyed their homes, Merle Yboa took in her siblings and their children. To build security and support her daughter’s education, she is learning new skills and methods to manage and grow her family business. This includes purchasing and selling micro-insurance products designed to help small entrepreneurs rebound faster after disasters.

CDF Canada is increasing sustainable business practices among 1,600 sari sari store owners in the Philippines.



Donate today and make an impact!

CDF Canada leverages every dollar you donate up to 10x from our funders. This means that your support can break new ground and lay the foundation for innovative and sustainable food security and co-operative development projects.

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