Cadasta and the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada Partner to Support Land Tenure Security and Development Efforts for Vulnerable Communities

Cadasta is pleased to announce its partnership with the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF Canada) to mutually support and advocate for land tenure security for vulnerable communities across the globe

Cadasta and CDF Canada share a mission to build prosperity in communities around the world. Together, we aim to work on projects that accelerate the improvement of agriculture, strengthen land tenure security, promote rural development and gender equality, and reduce the negative impact of climate change. 

Commenting on the partnership, Cadasta Chief Executive Officer Amy Coughenour Betancourt said, “Cadasta is delighted to enter into this strategic partnership with CDF Canada to address land tenure and local data challenges. Our technology solutions for CDF Canada’s local partner cooperatives and communities will not only advance land and resource rights, but will also facilitate their power and voice through evidence and data.”

CDF Canada, Executive Director, Benoit Andre, said, “CDF Canada is proud to partner Cadasta, this collaboration is timely and relevant.  Land and resource rights are essential for a fair and ethical economic development in developing countries. It is a great opportunity to support communities with our experience on the ground along with Cadasta’s innovative platforms and tools.”

With CDF Canada’s long and established record of growing community-owned co-operatives and Cadasta’s innovative platform and tools, we believe that this collaboration will advance and support the interests and activities of each organization to have greater global impact. CDF Canada and Cadasta are planning to work together to support projects that focus on facilitating youth employment and other opportunities in sub-saharan Africa. 

About Cadasta Foundation: 

Founded in 2015, Cadasta Foundation is a Washington, D.C. based nonprofit that develops and promotes the use of simple digital tools and technology to help partners efficiently document, analyze, store, and share critical land and resource rights information.

By creating an accessible digital record of land, property, and resource rights, we help empower individuals, communities, organizations, governments, and businesses with the information they need to make data-driven decisions and put vulnerable communities and their needs on the map.

Notes to Editors:

About the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF):

The Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF Canada) is an international non-governmental organization acting on co-operative principles to foster self-reliant, member-owned co-operative movements around the world. CDF Canada collaborates with communities to achieve sustainable economic and social development, financial inclusion, climate change resilience, local leadership capacity, and gender equality. 

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