Credit Unions of Alberta Make Three-year Pledge to Break New Ground


Ottawa, April 16, 2018 Credit Union Central Alberta has joined CDF Canada’s Breaking New Ground Campaign with a three-year pledge – the first Canadian credit union central to do so.

“We thank the members, directors and employees of Alberta’s credit unions for this tremendous gift of $63,000 for each of the next three years for our work helping people create prosperity through co-operatives,” says CDF Canada Board Chair Michele Aasgard.

“Alberta’s credit unions are proud to support CDF Canada in its global co-operative mission,” says Credit Union Central Alberta President & Chief Executive Officer, Ian Burns. “Need knows no borders. This pledge lives out our shared desire to build strong, safe and prosperous communities here at home and around the world.”

“Alberta’s credit unions are valued, longstanding CDF Canada partners, giving generously of their time, money and talent to help others create enduring prosperity the co-operative way, says Aasgard.

“Since 2007 alone, Albertans have donated more than 1,300 days of volunteer time valued at over $775,000 to this work. Seventeen Alberta credit unions have hosted and mentored multiple overseas women credit union managers through our Women’s Mentorship Program. And many volunteers have taken up coaching assignments to help credit unions around the world bring financial services to more people, narrow the gender gap and foster lasting community resilience and growth. Through it’s per-member formula, Credit Union Central Alberta has donated over $1.2M to CDF Canada, and they’ve answered the call to help co-operators recover when disasters strike.”

Launched during Co-op Week last year, the Breaking New Ground campaign is improving the social and economic well being of 500,000 women, men, children and their communities through co-operative development. More than $1.3 million has been generously pledged as of today towards our goal of five million dollars over the next three years. This money is planting the seeds of a more prosperous life for 130,000 fellow co-operators around the world.

“This pledge from Alberta’s credit unions enables families to seize life-changing opportunities that are otherwise beyond their reach,” says Aasgard.

After living in a refugee camp during Sierra Leone’s long civil war, Rice farmer Mamie Conteh still makes the tasty cakes that kept her family fed and clothed during their decade-long stay in a refugee camp during Sierra Leone’s brutal civil war. When she, her husband Morlai and their three children came home, they cleared their land and started over. Mamie turned to the Luawa Credit Union to help her open up more land for rice cultivation. A string of small loans were all the couple needed to double their harvest.

Today, Mamie is a model of success to others for her sound savings and borrowing habits.CDF Canada and its partners are rebuilding Sierra Leone’s credit union system so more families like Mamie’s can achieve the futures they desire.

About CDF Canada

The Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF Canada) is an international development charity that has improved the lives of women, men, children and their communities through co-operatives for over 70 years. CDF Canada and its supporters have impacted the lives of millions of people in multiple countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Find out more about CDF Canada and the Breaking New Ground Campaign.

About Credit Union Central Alberta

Credit Union Central Alberta is the central banking facility, service bureau and trade association for Alberta’s credit unions.We are advocates of the financial cooperative model, and provide leadership and support to the credit unions we represent. Our vision, values, culture and decision-making processes reflect our commitment to the credit union system. Our goal is to enable Alberta credit unions to become leaders in the financial industry by helping them provide innovative services, lead the adoption of new technologies and develop strong relationships in the community.

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