Planned Giving

Creating our co-operative future

We have an over-70-year history of supporting co-operatives and their communities around the world to create lasting change and pathways to self-reliance. You’re invited to join our global co-operative movement and ensure that the power of co-operatives to create equal opportunity continues long into the future.

What is planned giving?

A planned gift is allocated for a future date, often in your estate plan. It can be made from assets other than your current income, such as real estate or investments. Planned gifts are a way to continue your legacy and support the causes that matter most to you into the future.


Why include CDF Canada in your planned giving?

As members, owners, employees and volunteers of co-operatives, we know that co-operatives have the power to create lasting change in their communities. CDF Canada works with partners, funders and donors around the world to empower communities and co-operatives to build sustainability, equality, and opportunity.

By supporting CDF Canada through planned giving, you can ensure that the co-operative movement continues to grow and help people and families around the world to thrive for years to come.


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Donors like you invest in:

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    Gender Equality

    No matter where they live, women deserve a fair chance to be leaders, entrepreneurs and to support their families.

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    Financial Inclusion

    We believe that everyone, even those considered too poor to be “bankable,” deserves access to financial services to save for and invest in their own futures.

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    Resilience and Sustainability

    Our projects around the world help families prepare for disasters and come through them without losing their ability to support themselves or their children.

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    We help co-ops and their members to use environmentally sustainable practices to protect their livelihoods, homes, and communities.

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    Developing Co-operatives Globally

    When communities own the institutions they rely on, they are able to invest collectively in their own futures and create their own opportunities.

Planning the Gift of a Lifetime

One way to support the future of the co-operative principles is through will planning. Through this very personal process, you can decide how your estate will be distributed after your lifetime.

Creating a will is the easiest way to choose how your assets will be distributed. Leaving a gift in support of CDF Canada is a wonderful way to leave behind a legacy that will build an even stronger global co-operative community. Many find it helpful to write down the types of arrangements they would like and then consult a lawyer or financial planner to create the will.

Don’t forget to review your will every few years. Major life events like weddings, births, the death of a family member, or divorce can be occasions to update your will to ensure it reflects the people and causes you value.

How to leave a planned gift to CDF Canada in your will

Below is an example you can use when creating or revising your will. We would be pleased to help with any special plans you would like to include to personalize your gift. Please contact us with any wishes you may have.

I hereby give, devise and bequeath to the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF Canada), a non-profit corporation organized and operating in Canada, the sum of $____ (or percent of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate), to be used for general purpose of the Foundation (or for a particular program of your choosing).

In Memoriam Gifts

Gifts in memory of a loved one who has passed away can a wonderful way to honour their legacy. We will (___for the family?___), and can provide material and directions to help make it easy for others to give in lieu of flowers. Please contact us for support in setting up an In Memoriam Gift.

Tribute Donations

Celebrate your loved one and their special day with a gift to a cause they support. We will (___for the recipient?___). Please contact us if you would like to make a donation in tribute to someone special.

Gifts of Life Insurance

If you choose to give the gift of life insurance, the benefits of the policy are paid to CDF Canada and support the co-operative movement around the world. It allows the value of your estate to remain with your loved ones, while still making a long-term investment in families globally. You may be able to receive tax benefits today while making a lasting positive impact in the future.

  • For a policy that has already been paid up, you can receive a donation receipt for its cash value.
  • For a policy that premiums are still being paid on, you can receive a donation receipt for its cash value as well as for subsequent premium payments.
  • For a policy that names ‘CDF Canada’ as the beneficiary, your estate will receive a donation receipt to claim in your final tax return.

Ensure Your Legacy, Your Way

Contact David Dern at 866.266.7677 x 219 (toll-free) or He will be happy to work with you and your financial representative to ensure you receive the greatest possible tax benefit and recognition for your generosity and support.


Acknowledging Your Gift

To honour your generous philanthropy, we would like to recognize you in our Impact Report, and by inviting you and your loved ones to any special events we hold online or near your city. If you choose, you are welcome to give anonymously as well.

The information provided here is not considered legal or tax advice. For legal counsel or tax advice, please consult an attorney or tax advisor.

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