Mark Needham

Mark Needham, of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories is the President of Arctic Co-operatives Limited and Arctic Co-operative Development Fund where he has been an active member for over fifteen years. A resident of Yellowknife for 25 years, Mark serves on the Board of Yellowknife Direct Charge Co-op, first from 1992 -1994 and from 1996 onward, holding all executive positions.

Mark was elected to the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) Board and Co-operative Development Foundation (CDF) Board in 2013. In 2014, Mark was elected to the Board of Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (CMC) where he is currently Chair of the Finance Committee. Mark has previously served on the Resolutions Committee, the Finance and Audit Committee, and as the CMC representative on the CCA Board Nomination Committee. Mark holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from University of British Columbia, a Master of Business Administration Degree from Queens University and is very active in his community.

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