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CDF Canada’s Areas of expertise

Strengthening Capacity

We make it possible for individuals and communities to build their capacity and create economic opportunity based on co-operative principles. Using appropriate training and ensuring that the experience, knowledge and interests of women and men influence our activities, CDF Canada builds capacity in boards of directors, managers, employees and members of co-operative enterprises. CDF Canada mobilizes individuals to learn innovative tools, skills and approaches, whether it's marketing and negotiations, improved agricultural production, or gender equality.

Enhancing business planning and growth

CDF Canada helps co-operatives generate income. We provide technical assistance to design business plans that increase the value of co-operative businesses, to better identify and respond to market opportunities, and to make better use of information technology.

Enabling policy and regulation

CDF Canada works directly with co-operative representatives and government officials to create or improve policy and regulatory environments for credit unions and other financial intermediaries; for farmers and agricultural producers; and for micro, small and medium sized co-operatives and enterprises.

Mobilizing knowledge and learning

CDF Canada is a learning organization that continuously improves its work and the work of its partners. We empower our project partners and their co-operative members to identify training opportunities and improve their operational efficiencies. Additionally, we employ a Results Based Management approach to projects, focussing on outcomes, performance measurement, and learning and adaptation.

Championing Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment through our Work

CDF Canada works with its partners to address gender inequality and socio-economic differences so that they can create truly inclusive and empowering spaces. This means women and men have equal access to the opportunities and resources they need to be active members in their communities; from individual households and businesses, to national policy dialogues and decisions.

CDF Canada believes that promoting women’s empowerment and leadership is critical to achieving greater gender equality overall, and that targeted programming is often required to help balance the historical disadvantages experienced by women. CDF Canada also recognizes the importance of working and engaging with men to achieve these goals.

Applying a Resilience & Environmental Sustainability Lens to Our Programming

CDF Canada works with its partners to apply an integrated approach to food security and income generation that equips farmers to adapt to climate change and lower their risk, while improving sustainable agricultural production.

Co-operatives make it possible for smallholder farmers to achieve economies of scale through collective marketing and supply. Co-operatives also provide collaborative, hands-on learning to enable farmers to improve their farming methods, enhance their production and minimize their environmental impact. The co-operative approach produces economic and environmental benefits that help smallholder farmers to continue to improve and succeed beyond the life of any project.

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