Invest Co-op - Mongolia

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Invest Co-op Mongolia

Project Details

  • Term: 4 Years
  • Direct Beneficiaries: 3,000 individuals
  • Implementation Partner: MCTIC, MOCCU, NAMAC
  • Financial Partners: CDF Canada, Global Affairs Canada

Learning how to tuft carpets created new income for Mongolian herder Munkhtur Bolormaa. Traditional herders like him must compete with larger wool producers, and declining income spells poorer nutrition and interrupted schooling. Some move to cities like Ulaanbaatar, where job prospects are uncertain. CDF Canada is training 3,000 women and men dairy and herder families in co-operative herd management, wool processing, and marketing services.

On learning about these co-op carpets on Mongolian national radio, Munkhtur’s 85-year-old grandmother Ms. Lkhamsuren saved her money and attended an exhibition of products made by the co-op. Of all the carpets on sale she chose Munkhtur’s. “Now, I am happy because your first carpet is staying with me,” she told Munkhtur, before wishing him success making many beautiful carpets in the future.

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"...CDF Canada is reducing livestock mortality rates and improving financial literacy and agriculture enterprise management skills. "

About 40 percent of Mongolia’s labour force is made up of herders, thanks to a healthy livestock population of approximately 43 million. However, a host of issues including access to finance and markets make it difficult for herders to justify dedicating resources to improving the quality and quantity of livestock outputs. Faced with producing animals and products that do not meet the necessary quality standards for accessing higher market prices, many herders focus instead on increasing their herd size. With more animals in competition for already over-grazed pastures, livestock are getting less of the nutrients required to support them through long winter months.

Working to build the capacity of herders' livestock rearing practices to increase the quality and quantity of sheep and camel wool production, CDF Canada is reducing livestock mortality rates and improving financial literacy and agriculture enterprise management skills. The project is focussing on developing existing co-operatives to assist women and men herders' ability to access new markets, extension services and low cost quality inputs.


Program undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada.

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