Invest Co-op - Peru

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Invest Co-op Peru

Project Details

  • Term: 4 Years
  • Budget: 1.75 Million
  • Direct Beneficiaries: 4,349 women and men
  • Implementation Partner: Norandino
  • Financial Partners: Global Affairs Canada

Isella Torres lives in Huachumo, a region rich in organic coffee and panela production. Previously, her town consisted of 10 liquor producing plants which led to a high degree of alcohol consumption amongst men, to domestic violence and to women bearing the double burden of household labour. Isella works to promote small agricultural co-ops as a means to access agricultural training, technical information, and project development opportunities. Thanks to her and the work of other co-op members, they are constructing a granulated panela processing plant. The co-op has created a viable market for panela, and as such, men have switched their focus away from liquor production, which has improved the lives of local families who now share more household responsibilities and communicate better.

Peru is home to some of the world’s favourite exports. The national government recently declared cocoa the ‘flagship product of Peru’ in recognition of its role as an export commodity and revenue generator for rural communities. However, many farm communities have suffered from a lack of investment which has resulted in declining yields over time.

CDF Canada’s INVEST Co-op Peru project is working with our local partner Norandino to bring needed training and production and marketing opportunities to cacao and coffee producers in the Piura, Cajamarca, Lambayeque and Amazonas regions of the country.

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"The project will benefit 4,091 farmers directly and indirectly by providing capacity building and inputs to 12 primary organizations."

The project will benefit 4,091 farmers directly and indirectly by providing capacity building and inputs to 12 primary organizations. The project's goals are sustainable and gender equitable development, improvement of the quality of life, and the eradication of poverty in accordance with the expectations, aspirations and well-being of smallholder farmers.

INVEST Co-op Peru is one of four projects within CDF Canada’s INVEST Co-op Program at work in Indonesia, Malawi, Mongolia and Peru. By creating co-ops that farmers own and manage themselves, INVEST Co-op is strengthening the position of smallholder farmers in agricultural markets. Three types of co-ops are helping farmers grow their businesses: producer co-ops, marketing and processing co-ops, and financial co-ops. These co-ops work closely together so that men and women farmers can access low-cost, high quality inputs, vital financial services including credit, new sales opportunities through selling their products in bulk and higher profits through better processing and packaging techniques that can extend the shelf life of products.


Program undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada.

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