Environment, Climate Change and Biodiversity

The impact of climate change is already being felt across the globe from rising temperature, erratic rainfall, droughts etc. Over the years, the excessive use of land, water, pollution is increasingly impacting the existing habitats and biodiversity. Smallholder farmers are confronted with low yields in production, livestock deaths, a decline of populations in fish thus impacting the source of income and nutrition to the majority of the population.

As the threat of climate change to the environment, biodiversity, and our society grow, it is essential to collectively act upon and step up the process for evidence-based sustainable solutions. The social and economic model is needed, such as cooperatives that support smallholder farmers to adapt to climate-smart agriculture practice that helps strengthen agriculture and food systems.

We have been working with partners across Africa, Africa, and Latin America to educate on adapting to climate-smart agriculture, supporting members to access markets with better technological assistance, thus helping in better prices with less impact on the environment. In addition, we are helping to enhance biodiversity, increase yield, and lower greenhouse emissions, thus helping farmers be more resilient to climate change.

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