CARD Ghana and CDF Canada collaborate to work in Ghana

Community Aid for Rural Development (CARD), Ghana, and CDF Canada are pleased to announce their partnership to mutually support co-op communities in Ghana for better agriculture, rural development, promote gender, and reduce the negative impact of climate change.

Guided by co-operative principles, CARD, Ghana, and CDF Canada share a joint mission to provide sustainable solutions to co-op communities.  We will collectively work on projects that will help accelerate agriculture, support rural development, and empower women. 

Mr. Hudi Al- Hassan, Executive Director, CARD-Ghana, said, “this relationship is a unique opportunity to strengthen the stronger bond of partnership for sustain impact among in incomes and livelihoods of co-ops members.”

Commenting on the collaboration Mr. Benoit Andre, Executive Director, CDF Canada, said, “this partnership will combine the implementation experience of CDF Canada with the strengths of CARD-Ghana, thus supporting co-ops to achieve long-term goals”.

Through this collaboration, CARD, Ghana, and CDF Canada will participate in joint projects and research initiatives, share best practices and lessons learned, and provide training to
co-ops in Ghana.

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