Finance and Education

Basic financial services are well beyond the reach of most people in developing countries. Quite simply, they don’t have access to safe and secure ways to access, build or transfer money. Lack of infrastructure, limited capacity to expand by the existing financial institute, and low financial literacy, have left many of the rural communities unserved.


Research shows that about one-third of the adults – 1.7 billion unbankable adults worldwide have no access to financial services, due to a lack of credit or assets from commercial banks[1]. Access to finance would help greatly in day-to-day living and aid in long-term planning and emergencies, resources to invest in farms, insurance, risk management, weather resiliency, and more.

CDF Canada programs connect these ‘unbankable’ populations with co-operatives and credit unions, who in turn are able to improve the financial well-being of their members. Credit unions provide safe places to grow savings, access loans, start small businesses and recover from unexpected events with insurance. Through capacity-building, innovative technologies, inclusive products and services, and promoting good governance, we help strengthen the entire microfinance sector of the countries where we work. Our global exchange programs also allow us to disseminate best practices, innovation, and lessons learned.


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