Malawian farmer Olive Mchuchu, a member of Mapuyu MBG Cooperative, is no longer able to sell his vegetables to the Namitete Boarding School, due to school closures related to COVID-19. This has put his family under serious financial stress. Mary Mitawa is experiencing similar financial difficulties and is very concerned about her ability to support her family. For over a month she hasn't been able to supply her produce to local schools and is living off her last savings. For farmer Josephy Njoka, the fear of his crop being stolen from the fields due to COVID-19-related stress, has meant early harvesting and uncertainties about his income over the coming months. Support CDF Canada's efforts to address food security needs and support Malawian smallholder farmers with agricultural inputs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taye Seble is a father of four children and a teff, wheat and onion farmer in Minjar Shenkora Wareda district, Ethiopia. Taye is facing the problem of declining prices for his agricultural goods and is finding it extremely hard to purchase salt, detergent and sugar due to store closures. Genet Shewaye is a mother of eight and is extremely concerned about putting food on the table for her children. She makes a living by selling agricultural produce in the local market, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, she can no longer earn an income. In Ethiopia, CDF Canada is working with smallholder farmers to build their resilience in addressing the food security challenges exacerbated by COVID-19. Help us make a difference in their lives!

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  • When I got back from Nepal I wanted to do what I could to help contribute to CDF Canada. There are many ways that all of us can contribute to making the co-op system a better system in our world. Watch my video to learn the one simple way I do it.

    Garth Herman

  • Gay Lea employee donations have been put to excellent use in Rwanda. I’ve seen first-hand how our support has resulted in higher crop yields and better quality food, directly improving the lives of co-op families. It was also evident to me that our partner families are healthier and their communities are stronger because of the project’s strong gender equality training.

    R. Caldara

    Gay Lea Foods

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When you include CDF Canada in your estate plan you are committing to lasting change. It’s a wonderful way to leave behind a legacy that will build an even stronger global co-operative community. If a legacy donation is of interest to you, please contact Chris Chung, Donor Relations Officer, at: or 866-266-7677 x 232. He will be happy to work with you and your financial representative to ensure you receive the greatest possible tax benefit and recognition for your generosity and support.

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