CDF Canada – 75 years of Impact!

Reflecting on our Journey of Sustainable, Economic and Social Development, Together!

This year we are celebrating a special milestone, as CDF Canada turns 75! But more importantly, we want to celebrate the impact we’ve had working together with the credit union and co-op community here in Canada, to build more sustainable and self-reliant communities around the world, as we look towards tomorrow.

CDF Canada began like most co-ops, by identifying a need and creating solutions to address them. Back in 1947, we worked together with the Canadian co-operative community by mobilizing their expertise to help develop co-ops both here at home and around the world. It’s what we do today, and what we will continue to do tomorrow. With climate change worsening, political instability on the rise, and increasing economic challenges and inequality, our work and collaboration are needed more than ever.

Our future remains hopeful
While staying true to our roots, we will continue to expand our scope of work, and seek out innovative ways to create an even more sustainable impact. Our projects will endeavor to bridge agriculture and financial access, close the gap on gender inequality, promote financial inclusion, and strengthen resilience and sustainability.  We will continue to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals — from building clean economic growth to promoting the health and rights of women and children. Partnerships and collaboration have been, and will always be, fundamental to our work. We have been closely working with the government, local partners, international agencies, volunteers, and others who share in our vision of creating more sustainable, self-reliant co-operatives and communities. This year alone our projects directly benefited over 200,000 people in need, in nearly 350 community co-ops, across more than a dozen countries. As fellow co-operators, it’s time to celebrate our success and imagine the impact we’d like to create moving forward!

Join in the celebration and learn more about the impact we had, together!


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Co-ops have a long-standing history of coming together to strengthen communities, acting on our shared values and principles. Reflecting on the impact CDF Canada has had over the past 75 years is synonymous with acknowledging the dedication, passion, and generosity of our staff, volunteers, partners, board members, and donors, many of whom we will profile in stories throughout the remainder of the year.

Our celebration starts now and will unfold as a reminder of the year as we share Impact stories from programs, profile some of our partners, and hear the story of change from the people i.e. staff, donors, and volunteers. We hope you will enjoy the journey and share some of the highlights with your networks.

Wondering how it all started?

From creating markets in Canada’s north to channeling knowledge to help communities establish credit unions and co-operatives, CDF Canada has been at the forefront to build resilient, self-reliant co-operative communities since 1947. With the support of our many partners, donors, staff, and board, we’ve been able to develop and grow small businesses, create jobs, mobilize savings, and educate and train, men, women, and children to foster a better future, together.

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See who’s been governing CDF Canada since 1947 


CDF Canada – 75 Years by CDF Canada

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