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Education and Training are helping Women in Ghana to find Voice in their Community

7 January 2022

Oyoun Enela is a mother of 7 children in the Mbawupe community of East Gonja in the Savannah Region of Ghana manages a household of 9.  Women in this community do not express their thoughts and opinions due to their beliefs and cultural norms. During community engagements, women maintain silence and keep their ideas to […]

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CDF Canada and MCTIC Efforts help to bring Cooperative Development Assessment under Cooperative Law

15 November 2021

In May 2021, the Parliament of Mongolia revised and approved the Law on Cooperatives of Mongolia. After many discussions and revisions, a favorable legal environment for the development of cooperatives is now built. Cooperatives have to conduct a development assessment every two years and providing management and information through cooperative associations is one of the […]

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SEW Ukraine Project Helping Women in Garment Industry to learn about Work Rights

10 November 2021

Research shows about 60-70 million garment workers worldwide, of which 75% are women. Low wages, extra shifts, lack of social guarantees, and lack of comfortable working conditions are some of the everyday challenges women employees face in the garment sector. Workers’ rights violations in the garment industry continue to exist because of limited awareness and […]

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Improving Rural Financial Inclusion through Financial Cooperatives

18 October 2021

Financial cooperatives are a growing force for financial inclusion in Eastern and Southern Africa.  They often operate in remote areas where other financial institutions are unable or unwilling to serve. However, they face challenges of not innovating, effectively developing demand-driven products and services, accessing relevant training programs to increase their staff and directors’ capacity, attracting qualified staff and management, […]

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World Food Day: It is Your Day to Build Sustainable Future

8 October 2021

Every year Oct 16 is celebrated as World Food Day to raise global awareness of food, agriculture, and hunger. This year we are celebrating the theme – It’s your day! The theme focuses on the role that each community actor needs to perform to help transform agri-food systems. Thus, it is not the contribution from […]

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Empower Women Farmer and She Empowers the Community

8 October 2021

“I don’t use ox to plow my field, but now I drive a tractor. I am learning new ways of farming for better yield, but also about balanced nutrition,” says Kelem Negash A single mother of 3 sons, Kelem Negash, is a smallholder farmer in the Eranbuti village of Minjar Shenkora district, East Shoa zone, […]

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A Ray of Hope

8 October 2021

“The people in my community are praising me for the crop growth and germination rate on my farm (i.e. planting distance and planting in rows). They are seeing the possibilities of higher yields and good harvest compared to last year.” Afua Kpokoja, a mother of 5 children, is a smallholder farmer producing maize in Gbanderi […]

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Tipindule SACCO a Route to Financial Independence

8 September 2021

For the last 75 years, CDF Canada has been working to build sustainable and self-reliant communities. We connect and educate low-income communities to enhance their production, provide market access, and train and connect with financial co-operatives. Read the story of the progress made after the closing of the INVEST project and how Tipindule Savings and Credit Cooperative […]

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The Future of Farming from Adoja and her Family

25 August 2021

Danakpe Adjoa, a 37-year-old smallholder farmer and community volunteer agriculture extension agent (CVAEA) from Upando, Ghana, has been farming groundnuts for the past five years. She never had a good harvest, but things have been different this year, and she is expecting a good crop year. Groundnut farming is the main farming activity for most […]

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