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Centering rural women’s leadership: 4R Solution project’s approach

28 November 2023

During the 16 Days of Action to Eliminate Violence against Women, recognizing women's pivotal role in rural development is essential. The 4R Nutrient Stewardship Project stands out for supporting rural women’s leadership, challenging stereotypes, and fostering women’s active participation in sustainable agricultural development.

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Solar power lamps improve women’s quality of life and finances

20 October 2023

Most Ethiopian women are facing the unavailability of energy access, which is harming their health, children’s education, and family’s finances as well as the environment. To help reduce these issues, the VOICE for Women and Girls Program provided solar power lamps. 

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Working together to develop co-op legislation in Africa

17 October 2023

Many African co-operatives are facing challenges such as inhibitive laws, inadequate laws, political interference, indifferent membership, mismanagement and limited use of technology. To address these gaps, a draft model law has been developed, and the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF Canada) has been actively participating in these discussions. 

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Gender Model Family training “adds to our value of caring for each other”

28 September 2023

Gender Model Family Training is provided through the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Project. For one family, the training changed their attitudes towards gender roles and relationships, allowing them to better support and care for each other.

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Gender Model Family and Rural Commercial Women’s Group “addressed my real problems”

27 September 2023

The Gender Model Family and the Rural Commercial Women's Group helped Debritu Terefe access the knowledge and the financial services to expand her existing businesses.

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Gender Model Family – Training of Trainers

13 September 2023

Gender Model Family is an approach to enhance gender equality in co-operatives and their families. The VOICE for Women and Girls program, supported by Global Affairs Canada, is currently in year four-of-a-seven-year commitment. In total, CDF Canada and its Malawi partner, the Malawi Federation of Cooperatives, reached over 75 co-operative members.

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Gender Model Family training in Arerti, Ethiopia

12 September 2023

Volunteers from the VOICE for Women and Girls Program provide gender training and learn from participants. The Gender Model Family promotes inclusivity to create a more equitable society and create a safe and empowering space for participants to explore and discuss gender-related issues. 

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Embracing change: Caesar’s journey with small technology

30 August 2023

The 4R Nutrient Stewardship project provided 243 small, practical tools to farmers. These included planters that helped with planting in neat rows and dibbling fertilizer evenly, solar knapsack sprayers that simplified spraying, and tarpaulins that protected grains from debris.

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Transformation with climate-smart sustainable agriculture

29 August 2023

The 4R Nutrient Stewardship project introduced to smallholder farmers practices that hold the power to revolutionize yields. The project, now in its fifth year, embarked on a journey of change across 130 communities in the Northern and Savannah regions of Ghana.

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