CDF Canada and ACTED to collaborate to Build Sustainable and Resilient Co-op Communities

28 October 2022

CDF Canada is pleased to announce the collaboration with ACTED, Canada, to mutually support cooperative and community-based development, capacity building, agriculture support, and climate change adaptation and mitigation. CDF Canada and ACTED share a common mission to reduce poverty and build inclusive self-reliant, sustainable cooperative communities across the globe. Through this collaboration, CDF Canada and […]

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CDF Canada Welcomes Three New Directors to the Board

17 October 2022

Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of three new directors to the board. CDF Canada consists of a dedicated team of co-operative leaders committed to providing stability, advice, and solutions for CDF Canada to move forward and achieve its strategic goals. Ted Pahl, Chief Executive Officer at North Peace Savings in […]

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WMP: 20 years, 254 women credit union managers from 27 countries with support from 200 credit unions across Canada

3 October 2022

This year is special for us – not only are we back with the in-person Women Mentorship Program starting on October 3, 2022, but we are celebrating 20 years of the Women Mentorship Program (WMP) since its inception. Next week we will have 10 women credit union managers from Kenya, Malawi, and the Philippines, participating […]

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MJUMITA and CDF Canada collaborate toward Climate Action in Tanzania

29 July 2022

The Community Forest Conservation Network of Tanzania (MJUMITA) and CDF Canada are pleased to announce their partnership to support co-op communities in Africa to help decelerate the negative impact of climate change through mitigation measures in the agricultural and the co­-operative sector. Guided by co-operative principles, MJUMITA and CDF Canada share a joint mission to […]

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Sadly the war in Ukraine continues, as does the need to focus on rebuilding and recovery

6 June 2022

A Balance of Relief and Recovery is Needed We remain forever grateful to relief agencies like the Red Cross and CARE, who continue to work tirelessly to provide emergency relief to the victims of Ukraine, including the resettlement of refugees in Canada. If you were amongst their donors, we thank you for opening your hearts […]

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Successful Partnership with Co-operators

19 May 2022

Thanks to the generosity of the Co-operators, nearly 100 farmers in some of the most impoverished parts of Africa, have been mobilized through a bicycle pilot project. CDF Canada would not have been able to get off the ground without their support. Read more.

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Pedalling with Purpose

18 May 2022

Update: In June 2022, The Co-operators gave another $25,000, doubling their support and community impact! Accelerate Your Impact! We’re excited to announce that every dollar you invest in CDF Canada’s Pedalling with Purpose Campaign – designed to help farmers get onto the path of recovery – will be matched up to $100,000. Together, we can […]

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Ukraine Crisis! Donor Response to CDF Canada’s Call to Action!

27 April 2022

As the crisis continues in Ukraine, we would like to thank you for supporting CDF Canada’s Ukraine campaign efforts. Canadians have a history of quickly stepping up when disaster strikes in the world, and it’s committed and caring donors like you who make our work possible. As the crisis evolves amidst the war in Ukraine, […]

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CDF Canada and the University of Saskatchewan to develop Climate-Smart Cooperative Projects 

4 April 2022

The Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF) and University of Saskatchewan (USask) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to serve as a foundation for future collaborations that support co-op communities in addressing climate change. This new MOU aligns well with CDF’s mission of partnering with communities to achieve sustainable economic and social development, and USask’s […]

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