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VOICE for Women and Girls

Project Overview

VOICE for Women and Girls (VOICE), funded by the Government of Canada, is a volunteer cooperation program (2020-2027) that aims to strengthen the performance of developing country partner organizations to advance gender equality and economic empowerment of 50,000 co-operative and credit union members from marginalized communities in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, and Malawi.

The program, supported by volunteers, strives to address the challenges and barriers that adversely affect the economic and social well-being of vulnerable groups, with particular emphasis on women and girls. VOICE aims to respond to the needs identified by these groups, and to increase the capacities of individual producers and primary co-operatives, to support more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient growth. Supporting institutions, such as apex co-operatives, co-operative colleges, and government/regulatory bodies, will also be engaged to increase the capacity and prioritization of vulnerable groups.

The image shows three graphic elements: a half of a red maple leaf to the left of the graphic, and to the right of the graphic are the words, “In partnership with” and the Canada Wordmark.


VOICE will utilize CDF Canada’s expertise in the co-operative and credit union sectors to address challenges and empower women and communities through interventions such as:

The Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) is a key component of the VOICE Project. The aim of the fund is to facilitate innovative feminist approaches to the inclusion of marginalized persons, including women, people with disabilities, minorities, indigenous groups, and LGBTQ2 groups, into economic development and financial inclusion. Volunteers will be required to collaborate with local partners on application designs to foster buy-in and embed knowledge and encouraged to reach out to diverse networks in Canada and in the target country to integrate increased sustainability and future revenue streams for the project.

Project Outputs and Outcomes

In the seven years of the project, CDF Canada and partners will improve women and girls’ economic well-being in project countries. We aim to reach 30,000 vulnerable women and 20,000 men.

Our aim is to engage trained Canadian volunteers to create enabling settings for mainstream FIAP principles, i.e., integrating gender-responsive practices across sectors. Secondly, we will also train country partners to integrate the principles and approaches in the FIAP action areas as per their local context. This approach will provide support and uplift the vulnerable communities, especially women and girls.

Sustainable Development Goal

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