Co-operative Climate Action Plan (CAP)

Co-operative Climate Action Plan

Co-operative Climate Action Plan

CDF Canada, in collaboration with Co-operatives and Mutual Canada and Canadian Credit Union Association, is designing the Co-operative Climate Action Proposition (CAP).

CAP is both a call to action to mobilize the Canadian co-operatives sector and a roadmap forward in the face of the ongoing climate emergency.

CAP will:

  • Investigate potential direct, effective, and innovative climate actions to mitigate emissions through the collaboration of co-operatives around the world;
  • Demonstrate how Canadian Co-ops can offset their emissions while helping Global South Co-ops and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals; and
  • Provide accessible climate actions that go beyond simply off-setting emissions, by bringing exciting and innovative mitigation and ecosystem solutions into reach.

Co-operative Climate Action Process

CAP will support both Canadian Co-operatives and co-operatives in the global South to streamline their involvement in carbon sequestration and ecosystem services, equipping them with the knowledge and capacity to take real steps forward in response to the climate emergency.

Project Development: CAP will work collaboratively to identify project opportunities. Canadian co-operatives, together with co-operatives and communities in the global South, will play an active role in the design of projects, fostering buy-in and ownership. Through a participatory climate risk assessment process, tailored solutions will be chosen to sequester greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen co-benefits, and support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. These will be implemented, monitored, and certified through CAP.

Access to Offsets: Through CAP, the accessibility of offsets and ecosystem services will be improved to create an efficient way for Canadian co-operatives to operationalize their CSR and ESG targets. By accessing verifiable and real offset projects, Co-operatives will avoid the pitfalls of the offset market.

Knowledge Exchange: Through CAP, Canadian co-operatives teams will be able to visit projects, provide expert advice, engage in professional development, and foster global engagement. Knowledge exchange on climate change actions with global south Co-ops will build global resilience in the face of climate change through shared innovation. Through CAP, the Canadian co-ops sector will be seen as an innovative and dedicated climate leader – Co-ops designing and implementing innovative climate change.

Through supporting the creation and exchange of “Co-operative Carbon Credits’’ and other offset services, CAP will enable co-ops and CU to meet their ESG targets and help them fulfill the 6th and 7th Co-operative Principles.

Want to learn more download the complete brochure – Co-operative Climate Action Plan (CAP)


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