Impact stories

Row by row: A tale of a farming revolution in Kotoya

21 August 2023

Resilient widow and mother of seven, Pobidan Naamo, is a member of the 4R co-operative and she witnessed the incredible advantages of 4R farming practices. Recently, she adopted them by planting her maize field in rows.

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Volunteering in Zomba – providing strategic planning training

17 August 2023

Volunteers have an important role in co-operative development through the VOICE for Women and Girls program. Barb Kuzyk is one of CDF Canada's volunteers who recently returned from Malawi, and she shares her experiences in how she assisted co-operatives with strategic planning.

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Transforming lives: How a co-operative rescued a community from water scarcity

5 July 2023

While accessing water is a challenge for many communities in Ghana where women spend their entire day waiting to fetch water, the Tikpanjotub Co-operative sought to be the catalyst for change in their community. They used skills gained from the 4R Nutrient Stewardship project to successfully negotiate the construction of a reservoir.

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Unleashing hope: How the Rural Commercial Women Group transformed education in Karaga

4 July 2023

The Karaga LA Junior High School faced deteriorating conditions, which created a chaotic learning environment for the children. That's when the Rural Commercial Women's Group, formed through the 4R Nutrient Stewardship project, stepped in and used their savings to replace the roof.

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Seeds of unity, harvesting success: Bakamba’s journey with the 4R co-operative

29 June 2023

Bakamba is a remote farming community in the Kpandai District of Ghana. Two main tribes in the community were in conflict with one another for several decades. However, in 2020, a project called the "4R Nutrient Stewardship Project” arrived in the community to improve the socio-economic well-being of smallholder farmers.

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Entrepreneur finds fulfillment in sewing career

20 June 2023

Yulia is a hockey player and a painter from Dnipro in eastern Ukraine who wasn’t happy with her employment. She decided her life needed to change course after taking a sewing course with her sister, Anna. They liked it and continued their tailoring education through the SEW Ukraine program.

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SEW project helps entrepreneur launch brand internationally

19 June 2023

Olha, a small business owner from Lviv, faced challenges, such as outsourcing and the inability to find a factory to stuff her company's down jackets. That’s when she turned to the SEW Ukraine program for assistance.

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Governance training strengthens co-operative, bolsters women leadership

1 June 2023

Volunteers support governance and leadership systems and enhances inclusion of women in leadership positions at the Mikoko Co-operative in the southern region of Malawi.

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Bicycles go a long way!

30 May 2023

Farmers' lives and finances in Kenya have been greatly improved with bicycle donations, which is part of a partnership between the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada and the Canadian insurer, The Co-operators.

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