CDF Canada and ACTED to collaborate to Build Sustainable and Resilient Co-op Communities

CDF Canada is pleased to announce the collaboration with ACTED, Canada, to mutually support cooperative and community-based development, capacity building, agriculture support, and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

CDF Canada and ACTED share a common mission to reduce poverty and build inclusive self-reliant, sustainable cooperative communities across the globe. Through this collaboration, CDF Canada and ACTED will share best practices and lessons learnt, provide capacity building and joint studies and research initiatives, and work together to build better sustainable coop communities worldwide.

Ben André, Executive Director of CDF Canada, said, “We are proud to sign the collaboration with ACTED, particularly in the current times, when there is a need to have a strong partnership that can bring knowledge, skills, governance, transparency and support to the co-op communities.”

Rano Mansurova, Canada Representative, ACTED, said, “Cooperation with CDF Canada will not only open the space for mutual learning and exchange of experience but will allow us to be more technical and cost-efficient in delivering services and assistance to affected countries and beneficiaries.”

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