CDF Canada and Consortium Jeunesse Sénégal to Engage Young Green Entrepreneurs in Senegal

CDF Canada is pleased to announce the collaboration with Consortium Jeunesse Sénégal (CJS) to mutually support and advocate climate change efforts in adaptation and mitigation in the cooperative sector in Senegal by engaging young social innovators, entrepreneurs and researchers.

CDF Canada and CJS share a mission to build self-reliant communities around Africa by engaging youth.  Together, we aim to work on projects that reduce the negative impact of climate change, support climate-smart agriculture, promote mitigation measures and advance rural development.

Mr. Benoit André, Executive Director, CDF Canada, said, “We are happy to partner with CJS. Their work to support and engage young leaders and our experience on the grounds will help bring new technology and ideas into positive solutions for coop communities.”

Commenting on the partnership, Sobel AzizNgom, Executive Director, Consortium Jeunesse Sénégal said, “We are thrilled about our collaboration with CDF Canada.  The mission of CDF Canada is inextricably linked to CJS’s ambition, and their valuable expertise will support CJS in reaching important goals regarding green job creation for youth through fair and competitive co-operatives models.  That’s why this partnership is especially compelling”.

With CDF Canada’s long and established record of growing community-owned co-operatives and Consortium Jeunesse Sénégal in building a strong youth network, we believe that this collaboration will advance and support the interests and activities of each organization to have a greater impact.

About Consortium Jeunesse Sénégal

 CJS is a consortium founded in 2020 by 10 organizations led by young Senegalese leaders. Popular education associations, social business, technology companies, think tanks or start-up incubators, the diversity of backgrounds and expertise of the founders makes CJS a unique, agile and innovative player. Supported from its creation by key players such as the European Union or UNICEF, the CJS aims to bring together the main national authorities, the main youth organizations, the influential private sector, the main civil society and development partners committed in youth development. Through its Yaakaar program, the CJS aims to transform the realities of territories and enhance the opportunities they provide by offering youth as the main vehicle for change.

CJS’s Website:

 About the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF):

The Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF Canada) is an international non-governmental organization acting on co-operative principles to foster self-reliant, member-owned co-operative movements around the world. CDF Canada collaborates with communities to achieve sustainable economic and social development, financial inclusion, climate change resilience, local leadership capacity, and gender equality.

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