CDF Canada and Rooftops Canada – Abri International to collaborate on climate change mitigation, promoting food security, and building sustainable communities

CDF Canada is pleased to announce the collaboration with Rooftops Canada – Abri International to mutually support cooperative and community-based development, capacity building, social and cooperative housing, agriculture, and climate change mitigation.

CDF Canada and Rooftops Canada – Abri International share a mission to reduce poverty and build self-reliant, sustainable cooperative communities across the globe. Climate change is a significant threat not only to food security but also to housing security. Many communities suffer from landslides and floods and live in overcrowded, poor-quality housing with limited access to water or sanitation.

Benoit Andre, Executive Director, CDF Canada, said, “The partnership with Rooftops Canada Abri International is timely.  Integrating food production with better housing projects for communities is much needed. We understand the need for better food and nutrition. Coupling this with housing security will provide much-needed support for healthy living.”

Barry Pinsky, Executive Director, Rooftops Canada – Abri International, said, “Working together will expand opportunities for both organizations to assist families living in poverty in the Global South. We will also build on our shared commitment to gender equality and supporting women and children.”

Through this collaboration, CDF Canada and Rooftops Canada Abri International will share best practices and lessons learned, provide capacity building and joint studies and research initiatives, and work together for better food security and housing support to communities worldwide.

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