CDF Canada and UPA DI to collaborate to strengthen farmers cooperatives

Agriculture plays a significant role in the economic development of a country, especially in developing countries. Agriculture is the primary source of food, income, and employment for the rural population. However, farmers face climate change, poverty, depleting natural resources, lack of tools, markets, technology, etc.

In the light of these challenges, CDF Canada is pleased to announce the collaboration with UPA Développement international (UPA DI) to support farmer communities in building self-reliant cooperatives through production and financial support, access to finance, and simultaneously building their capacity.

Benoit Andre, Executive Director, CDF Canada, said, “Despite the progress made so far, the pandemic has disrupted the value chain, thus limiting access to inputs, markets, and credit. Through this partnership, we will try to bridge the gap by building more self-reliant and sustainable coop communities.”

Hugo Beauregard-Langelier, Secretary-General, UPA DI, said, “Supporting farmers’ organizations and establishing efficient and profitable collective services are challenges that we can achieve to ensure food security of rural communities. “

With CDF Canada’s long and established record of growing community-owned cooperatives and UPA DI’s mission to support the family farm as a model of sustainable agriculture.
We believe that this collaboration will advance and support each organization’s activities in building sustainable co-op communities.

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