Congratulations CDF Canada for 75 long years of Co-operative Service

CDF Canada 75 years of Impact!

Mary Jean Roxas
Partnership Advisor, Americas Liaison Office, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Mary Roxas, IFAD

Congratulations CDF Canada for 75 long years of co-operative service to co-operators in various countries in the developing world! It was a pleasure to be a part of this journey from 2016-2020. May you continue to empower smallholder and subsistence farmers, as well as grassroots and disadvantaged populations, as they continue to face adversity. The approaches taken by CDF Canada to mitigate climate change effects on farms and market uncertainties, while improving capacity for more equitable access and use of resources, have had an incredible impact. Through collective action and common goals, we wish to see more rural communities, smallholder farmers, women and other marginalized groups become more resilient and benefit from economic opportunities in their localities and in the broader market space. Wishing you the best for another 75 years of promoting the advancement of co-operatives in developing and under-developed countries around the world.  





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