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Food and Agriculture Systems

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Financial Inclusion

Cooperatives and Credit Unions

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Let us work together to build sustainable and self-reliant communities!

Why CDF Canada?

CDF Canada has established itself as a social impact partner by building self-reliant communities through a co-operative model across Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

We bring on-the-ground experience with this unique locally owned and managed co-operative model. In our approach, we help low-income communities receive the benefits of participation across the production, financing, and marketing cycle.  This approach helps co-operative members and their communities to gain financial independence and economic resilience.

CDF Canada’s comparative advantage

  • We have extensive experience in developing market-based solutions for building self-reliant communities through co-operative models.
  • We have built a strong network of partners across the regions, thus bridging to connect right partners to fill the gap of knowledge, skills, and market accessibility.
  • We are committed to gender-equitable programming across all the projects
  • We bring extensive knowledge on skill-building, innovative technologies, and governance.

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