Farm Radio International and CDF Canada to Collaborate to Work in Africa

CDF Canada is pleased to announce the collaboration with Farm Radio International. Through this collaboration, CDF Canada and Farm Radio International will share best practices and lessons learned, provide capacity building, joint studies and research initiatives in Africa, and help to decelerate the negative impact of climate change through mitigation measures in the agricultural and co-operative sectors. 

This collaboration will combine the implementation experience of CDF Canada with the technical expertise and field experience of Farm Radio International.  

Mr. Benoit André, Executive Director of CDF Canada, said, “The partnership with Farm Radio International is timely. Integrating training and learnings with advocacy is much needed in communities to bring change. This partnership will help in building inclusive, climate-resilient communities.”  

Kevin Perkins, Executive Director of Farm Radio International, said, “Cooperation and communication are like two sides of the same coin – cooperation can’t happen without communication, and communication has value when it leads to more cooperation! It only makes sense, then, for CDF and Farm Radio to work in partnership – combining the far-reaching benefits of interactive radio with the transformative power of cooperative enterprise. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration in Africa through this partnership.”    

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