Host a 2025 Women’s Mentorship Program Participant

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Empowering Women Across Continents

Are you ready to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of financial co-operatives? Do you aspire to be a catalyst for positive change, sharing your wealth of knowledge and passion with women leaders from across the globe? If your answer is a resounding “yes,” then we invite you to seize the opportunity to be a host in the Women’s Mentorship Program in 2025.

The Women’s Mentorship Program stands as a beacon of empowerment for female Credit Union Managers worldwide. By opening your doors for a transformative 10-day experience, you will contribute to a global network of co-operative professionals dedicated to propelling women’s leadership and advancing financial inclusion.

As a mentor, you will play a pivotal role, providing invaluable guidance, unwavering support, and inspiration to your mentee. Your wealth of experience in the Canadian Credit Union sector will not only shape the trajectory of your mentee’s career but will also foster a reciprocal learning environment. Gain insights into diverse co-operative contexts and cultures, broadening your perspective and enhancing your leadership acumen.

This program transcends the boundaries of a traditional training initiative; it’s a life-altering experience that will not only foster personal and professional growth for your employees but will also contribute to the growth of your credit union and that of your mentee. Join a legacy that has empowered nearly 300 women from 21 countries since its inception in 2002.

The 21st edition of the Women’s Mentorship Program starts on May 27th, 2024 ending with a graduation ceremony on July 20th, 2024. Don’t let this extraordinary opportunity pass you by. Apply now and become a mentor, playing a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of global women leaders in financial co-operatives! Your participation is not just an opportunity; it’s a commitment to a more inclusive and empowered future.



After two weeks of classroom learning in Ottawa, participants embark on a ten-day placement experience at host Credit Unions across Canada. This year, the placement goes from June 6th, 2024, to June 15, 2024, when participants will return to Ottawa to continue their learning.



As part of our commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, program participants will stay at the home of a credit union employee during the placement period.  This has been an integral part of the program for over 20 years for these key reasons.

Community Building: We believe that staying with the families of our credit union employees will foster a sense of community and connection among program participants. It provides a unique opportunity for participants to experience the warmth and hospitality of our Canadian credit union community.

Networking and Mentoring: Staying with a credit union employee allows participants to engage in informal networking and mentorship opportunities outside of the program’s structured activities. This can lead to valuable insights, guidance, and relationships that extend beyond the program’s duration.

Accommodation Cost: We value and appreciate the additional expenses associated with hosting a participant in the credit union employee’s home. To transparently account for these costs, we diligently track and report the time and ‘in-kind cash’ contributions made by our employees. This ensures that both the credit union and its dedicated staff receive due recognition for their generous support of the program.

Historically, there is compelling evidence that this housing arrangement has significantly enhanced the overall experience of our participants and contribute to a supportive and collaborative atmosphere.



Ready to inspire and empower the next generation of credit union leaders around the world?

  • Take the first step by simply sending an email to Donna Miller at
  • Include your name and organization and let her know you’re ready to participate in this mentorship opportunity with passion and purpose!
  • Donna or a team member will schedule a short meeting to share more details and address any questions you may have.