MJUMITA and CDF Canada collaborate toward Climate Action in Tanzania

The Community Forest Conservation Network of Tanzania (MJUMITA) and CDF Canada are pleased to announce their partnership to support co-op communities in Africa to help decelerate the negative impact of climate change through mitigation measures in the agricultural and the co­-operative sector.

Guided by co-operative principles, MJUMITA and CDF Canada share a joint mission to provide sustainable solutions to co-op communities.  We will collectively work on projects that will help accelerate agriculture, support rural development, and empower women.

Speaking about the collaboration Ms. Rahima Njaidi, Executive Director, MJUMITA, said, “This partnership is visionary towards building an inclusive climate-resilient society that cares for, sustainably manages and benefits from natural forests and agroecosystems.”

Mr. Benoit Andre, Executive Director, CDF Canada, said, “This collaboration will bring climate solutions towards adaptation and mitigation to build sustainable cooperatives. We look forward to working closely with them.”

Through this collaboration, MJUMITA and CDF Canada will participate in joint projects and research initiatives, share best practices and lessons learned, and provide training within the co-op communities.

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