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There are so many great reasons to volunteer with CDF Canada. Share your skills and knowledge with others, round out your resume with new and marketable skills, learn a language, gain a global perspective, or find personal and professional inspiration. Whether it’s a desire to give back or to discover a corner of the world you’ve always wished to experience, our volunteers bring a mix of motivations to their CDF Canada assignments. Whatever moves you to volunteer with us, the experience is sure to enrich your life beyond your expectations.

We’re looking for volunteers to help us create lasting positive change in the world, to help us build co-operative institutions that will go on to serve their communities long after our projects end. Co-operative experience is not always a pre-requisite for volunteering with CDF Canada.

We’re looking for volunteers to engage with us at any and every level, whether that means traveling to one of our projects in Africa, Asia, Latin Americas or Eastern Europe, or providing your valued support right from your own home.

Our e-volunteers reach across oceans and time zones without ever leaving Canada, helping people in distant places learn new skills, map a way forward, discover new opportunities, overcome challenges or test new services.

Every year volunteers host and mentor visiting women credit union managers in their own homes and credit unions as part of our highly successful Women’s Mentorship Program. As an in-Canada volunteer you will discover new talents and skillsets as you help your visitor adapt to new personal and professional surroundings. The experience leaves your family and friends, credit union colleagues and members, teachers and community leaders inspired, proud and appreciative of our global community.

Current Volunteer Postings

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Read on to learn about our volunteer program, who we’re looking for, and how you can apply.

The People

Volunteers are vital to the impact of our work, and we ensure you have every possible support so that you have the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed. Depending on your assignment, you’ll become part of a team made up of CDF Canada staff, our local partner organizations, local community leaders, and other CDF Canada volunteers, all working together to create lasting positive change through the power of co-operatives.

The Challenge

Our volunteers are creative problem-solvers, able to identify challenges and design innovative solutions that help our local partners overcome barriers to success. We’re not reproducing models without consultation. We’re collaborating with communities around the world to break new ground. You, as a CDF Canada volunteer are integral to the process.

The Impact

We have a 70-year history of building thriving co-ops around the world that support community independence, equality and empowerment. Every one of our projects includes programming to address the gender gap and environmental sustainability.

Who We’re Looking For

No matter who you are, we can match you to a volunteer placement. Our placements can be as short as a couple weeks, or as long as several months. While some placements may require bilingualism, many do not. We cover the costs of our volunteers’ travel, insurance and lodging, and provide a per diem stipend for living expenses while abroad.

We’re recruiting volunteers with a variety of backgrounds. In addition to filling our current postings, we’re always looking to hear from potential volunteers in the following areas:

  • Actuaries
  • Marketing & Communications (especially if experienced)
  • Social Media (especially with international experience)
  • Gender Specialists
  • Governance Specialists
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
Have another idea, want to express your interest, or learn how you can help?

Email us at apply@cdfcanada.coop with the subject line, “I Volunteer”.

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Current Volunteer Postings

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