Our Approach


CDF Canada provides opportunities.

CDF identifies, tests, and provides market-based sustainable business solutions, knowledge, and skills to cooperatives in developing countries.

For over 75 years, we helped create jobs and opportunities, mobilize savings and loans, reduce vulnerability, and improve nutrition and livelihoods. Through our partnerships, we have supported women and men to govern their cooperatives democratically and access opportunities and resources. Over the past decade, CDF Canada has implemented over 120 projects in 32 countries with a total reach of 21,564,962+ individuals

Our Approach

Our Approach

In order to build sustainable communities for better tomorrow, we use three cross-cutting themes across our overall approach:

  • Gender inequality and socio-economic differences so that communities can create truly inclusive and empowering spaces.
  • Financial inclusion provides financial assistance via credit unions to the most vulnerable population with limited or no credit access.
  • With changing climatic conditions, we apply resilience & environmental sustainability lens to build better communities for a better tomorrow.
  • Enabling Policy and Regulation
    CDF Canada works directly with cooperative representatives and government officials to create and improve policy and regulatory environments for credit unions and other financial intermediaries such as farmers and agricultural producers; and micro, small, and medium-sized cooperatives, and enterprises.
  • Mobilizing Knowledge and Learning
    CDF Canada is a learning organization that continuously improves its work and the work of its partners. We empower our project partners and their cooperative members to identify training opportunities and improve their operational efficiencies. Additionally, we employ a Results-Based Management approach to projects, focussing on outcomes, performance measurement, learning, and adaptation.

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