Women Mentorship Program

Project Details

Women Mentorship Program
  • Term

  • Inception Year - 2002
  • Direct Beneficiaries

  • 280 Women Credit Union Managers
  • Indirect Beneficiaries

  • Credit Union employees, Members and Boards of Directors in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central & South America
  • Implementation Partners

    • In collaboration with Canadian Credit Unions
  • Knowledge Partners

    • Canadian Credit Unions
  • Financial Partners

Project Overview

CDF Canada’s Women’s Mentorship Program (WMP) is a highly impactful program to train and educate women co-op managers for their professional and personal growth.  Launched in 2002 this program is an excellent means to deliver a Canadian-based learning experience to women Credit Union Managers worldwide.

The program provides participants with a unique opportunity to benefit from training specific to credit unions, management development, mentoring by professionals in their field, and many knowledge-sharing and exchange opportunities. Results from this program position Canada as a global brand in credit union development and builds leadership capacity among women on a global scale.

The 2019 WMP program participants received a congratulatory message from Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada’s wife, who, not only showed her support for the value of the program but encouraged CDF Canada to use her personalized message to promote the program.




CDF Canada’s Women’s Mentorship Program is a unique training program that provides women credit union managers from financial co-operatives with a distinctive and valuable opportunity for professional development.

The Women’s Mentorship Program is a mutually beneficial learning opportunity for Canadian and international co-operators.  Program participants are paired with a Canadian credit union for 10 days and become immersed in the credit union and community culture.

Through this placement, participants are mentored, attend meetings,  learn about Credit Union procedures and practices along with observing the overall day-to-day operations. Canadian Credit Union employees generously volunteer their time, and the Credit Union provides training materials, transportation, and accommodation for participants during their placement.

The image shows three graphic elements: a half of a red maple leaf to the left of the graphic, and to the right of the graphic are the words, “In partnership with” and the Canada Wordmark.


Empowering Women Globally: CDF Canada’s Women’s Mentorship Program

Since its inception in 2002, the CDF Canada’s Women’s Mentorship Program has stood as a beacon of empowerment. The program has forged connections among 280 exceptional women credit union managers from 28 countries across Africa, Asia, South and Central America, and the Caribbean. The program has offered unparalleled professional growth opportunities, including placements throughout Canada facilitated by our committed Credit Union supporters. Each year, this transformative endeavor witnesses dedicated credit union hosts and home hosts selflessly devoting their time, expertise, and logistical support, including accommodation, to ensure the success of their international counterparts. Together, they cultivate an enriching environment where knowledge transcends borders, nurturing growth, collaboration, and enduring impact within the global credit union community.

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