Taking Root and CDF Canada signs partnership

Taking Root and CDF Canada agree to combat climate change in farming communities

Taking Root and CDF Canada is pleased to announce its partnership to mutually support its objectives of climate change mitigation and climate adaptation, agriculture, food security, biodiversity conservation, and enhancing community resilience.

Taking Root and CDF Canada shares a joint mission to build prosperity and provide sustainable solutions to communities worldwide. We aim to work on projects that will help the communities better prepare for climate change. The partnership identifies the following areas of cooperation: climate change, agriculture, environmental sustainability, natural resource management, biodiversity, and any other work area they may jointly decide.

Dr. Khalil Baker, Executive Director, Taking Root, said, “Farmers are indispensable allies in the fight against climate change given that they manage most of the world’s land available for reforestation. We look forward to collaborating with CDF Canada to engage farmer co-operatives in tropical reforestation further.”

The partnership outlines the following forms of potential cooperation that is to –

Mr. Benoit Andre, Executive Director, CDF Canada, said, “We are proud to partner with Taking Root. We need to work together to address and provide solutions to the communities’ changing climate challenges, especially smallholder farmers in developing communities.”

About Taking Root

Taking Root is an internationally acclaimed reforestation not for profit on a mission to regenerate tropical forest ecosystems by improving farmer livelihoods. We do this by supporting farmers to reforest their land on behalf of brands wanting to meet their climate commitments. Taking Root’s unique impact comes from our use of technology to create high quality forest and carbon impacts. Our innovative platform, FARM-TRACE, combines local data and satellite imagery with machine learning assessments to delivery trusted third party forest and carbon reporting. For brands, we unlock a new way to meet forest and carbon commitments with confidence. For farmers, we create a new revenue stream through the sale of their reforestation impacts. With over a decade of delivering long term impacts, Taking Root’s model is being used to drive reforestation with thousands of farmers across all 3 tropical continents.

About the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF):

The Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF Canada) is an international non-governmental organization acting on co-operative principles to foster self-reliant, member-owned co-operative movements around the world. CDF Canada collaborates with communities to achieve sustainable economic and social development, financial inclusion, climate change resilience, local leadership capacity, and gender equality.

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