Thank you Synergy Credit Union! Donations supporting Ukrainians rebuild lives.

We are very pleased to announce that Synergy Credit Union have generously donated $100,000 to the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF Canada).

This donation supports CDF Canada’s work in Ukraine relative to the most urgent rebuilding and recovery efforts, which includes CDF’s commitment to addressing food insecurity challenges, co-operative development needs and supporting families who have suffered devastating financial losses due to the war.

“The humanitarian needs of Ukraine are many,” said Glenn Stang, Chief Executive Officer of Synergy Credit Union, “we are honored to support the Ukraine people’s resilience through our donation.”

This donation was made possible by the New Community Credit Union’s legacy (NCCU), who recently merged with Synergy Credit Union. NCCU has had a long-standing relationship with the Ukrainian community in Western Canada.

“This donation is a reflection of the long threads of a tapestry, woven together by over 80 years of shared heritage between Synergy’s New Community branch and Ukraine,” said Jay Walker, Synergy Credit Union Board Member, “fostering a special relationship that transcends borders.”

Benoit Andre, Executive Director of CDF Canada said, “We are extremely grateful Synergy Credit Union’s substantial endowment. With thousands of lives lost, and millions of livelihoods disrupted, Synergy’s contribution will help CDF Canada continue its work to support the most vulnerable people in Ukraine who have been displaced and lost incomes.”

CDF Canada is actively addressing the needs of Ukrainians through various sustainable initiatives. Economic development and social transformation investments, made possible by donations such as this, are crucial for Ukraine’s recovery and help to foster a safe, healthy, and sustainable society.

“With unwavering dedication and compassion, Synergy Credit Union is steadfastly committed to supporting people during their most challenging times,” said Darren Doepker, Senior Manager of Business Advisory Services Synergy Credit Union and former CEO, New Community Credit Union, “empowering individuals and communities to thrive against all odds.”

As part of our efforts to address issues of food insecurity in Ukraine caused by the war, CDF Canada provides support to agricultural co-operatives. Most recently, the purchasing of heating and irrigation systems, as well as the construction of new greenhouses has enabled a co-op to increase production capacity, resulting in 14,000 more seedlings than before. Initiatives to mobilize necessary resources to create urban gardens are also in process, empowering Ukrainians to grow their own produce in their neighborhoods and communities while fostering self-reliance and resilience.

CDF Canada’s Supporting Economic Prosperity for Woman and Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine (SEW Ukraine) project aims to rebuild and promote economic prosperity for 2,200 vulnerable and displaced women. Through access to employment, vocational training, workplace integration programs, and ancillary services such as shared childcare facilities, SEW supports women in establishing cooperatives and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, providing them with higher skills and newfound opportunities for long-term sustainability.

By financially supporting CDF Canada’s work in Ukraine, Synergy Credit Union exemplifies its commitment to making a positive and sustainable impact on the lives of those affected by the war.

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