The University of Guelph and CDF Canada to start a partnership

The University of Guelph and The Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF Canada) are pleased to announce a partnership, in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), to strengthen the existing relationship at the strategic and working level to support co-op communities across the globe.

The aim of the partnership is to accelerate the improvement of agriculture, rural development, promote gender and reduce the negative impact of climate change. Together, we will help in the design and implement projects, research to training, and provide technical know-how.

Mr. Benoit Andre, Executive Director, CDF Canada, said, “We are proud to work with The University of Guelph, particularly in the current times, when there is need to have a strong partnership that can bring knowledge, skills, good governance, transparency, and support to the co-op communities.”

With CDF Canada’s long and established record of growing community-owned co-operatives and The University of Guelph work on food, agriculture, communities, and environment, we believe that this collaboration will advance and support the interests and activities of each organization to have a greater global impact. We believe that the major thrust of this MoU is to promote mutually beneficial cooperation in the areas of research, capacity development, project implementation, and outreach.

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