Uniting sewing co-operatives through marketing – A path to collective growth

Co-operatives are working together to bring tailoring products to market throughout the business cycle – from product inception to product distribution.

Garment marketing is one significant area where collaboration is occurring in the Kanva Co-operative in Ukraine. In fact, the Kanva Co-operative’s registration with the SEW Ukraine project marks a significant turning point in the world of sewing co-operatives in Ukraine because it’s one of the first co-operatives in the country that is garment-marketing specific.

Since the co-operative’s inception, marketing professionals have been offering unwavering marketing and sales support to various sewing co-operatives and businesses.

Kanva has successfully brought together independent marketing experts, uniting their efforts to implement marketing and sales strategies to enhance the overall effectiveness of their operations, which, in turn, benefits all members of the sewing co-operative, enabling them to improve their outcomes in domestic and international markets.

People look at various products during “Texhibition Istanbul 2023.”

What’s more, the co-operative model shares resources, common objectives, and synergistic possibilities, which fosters a collaborative environment where each member contributes to collective success.

One member added the co-op also strengthens social cohesion and fosters a sense of community among co-op members because women are working together to achieve a common goal. In addition, working for the co-op has improved their economic situation as members have seen an increase in their living standards. 

Market analysis leads to collaboration 

The Kanva co-operative has conducted a comprehensive market analysis for The First Kyiv Sewing Co-operative. From the analysis, it became evident that many within the The First Kyiv Sewing Co-operative lacked the fundamental knowledge required for effective packaging, product promotion, and proficient online and offline operations.

The Kanva co-operative offers a spectrum of marketing services, ranging from mandatory starter packages and roadmaps to personalized marketing service packages. As part of the sales support initiative, there are plans to promote a shared online marketplace for all SEW Ukraine project co-operatives, providing them with greater exposure and market reach.

Inna Arakelova, the head of the Kanva Service Co-operative, has played a pivotal role in this endeavour. She said the Kanva’s efforts and the backing of the SEW Ukraine project has given rise to a comprehensive suite of marketing services designed for the benefit of other co-operatives in the project. These services include market analysis, social media page management advice, the creation of garment product profiles, the development of content and media plans, photo and video content, corporate branding, and merchandise design.

“The equipment to be provided under the SEW Ukraine project will facilitate the design and testing of packaging, labels, tags, and stickers by Kanva’s co-operative members,” she said.

Various garments and products were on display at “Texhibition Istanbul 2023.”

To assist with market analysis and service design, the co-operative participated as part of the Ukrainian delegation at “Texhibition Istanbul 2023,” the largest textile exhibition in Europe, which was held in Turkey.

During their participation, they kept abreast of the latest trends in the textile industry and forged international collaborations between raw material producers and Ukrainian garment industry enterprises, ultimately contributing to growth. Additionally, the exhibition addressed issues related to climate change and the environment, emphasizing the potential and importance of using recycled resources in the garment industry.

“In this event, a series of seminars and workshops were organized to introduce the attendees to the latest global technologies and innovations in garment design and production,” Inna said. “This invaluable experience gained through our continuous professional development as co-operative representatives paves the way for international co-operation and provides us with opportunities to connect with suppliers.”

The Kanva co-operative’s success is based on dedication, collaboration, and a commitment to promoting the Ukrainian sewing service industry through marketing strategies. Through its innovative approach to marketing and its involvement in international exhibitions, Kanva is poised to create a brighter future for sewing co-operatives across Ukraine.

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