VOICE Volunteer Experience has Fostered my Personal and Professional Development

Voice project is a seven-year initiative that is aimed at strengthening the performance of developing country partner (DCP) organizations to advance gender equality and economic empowerment of 50,000 women and men from marginalized communities, in particular young women (target: 60% women and girls), in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, and Malawi.

Wilver Ongoro, a volunteer with the VOICE project, shares her experience.

Wilver Ongoro

My six-month volunteer experience with CDF Canada started in May 2022. My training aims to increase the environmental stewardship and resilience within the VOICE project communities here in Kenya through field research, raising awareness, collecting and analyzing the high quality and gender-balanced data on sustainable focused initiatives that advance the economic empowerment of the marginalized population, more so women and girls.

In the initial months, I am developing environmental sustainability strategy/ action plan on climate change for The African Confederation of Co-operative Savings and Credit Associations (ACCOSCA) and the Cooperative University of Kenya (CUK) that will guide mitigation and adaptation of the impacts of climate change.  I have also provided support in determining gender relevance to climate change impacts through our gender workshop exercise training.

In the next phase, I look forward to lots of training, fieldwork, capacity building and data collection, which shall mark the roadmap to a better sustainable community, empowering women and girls to adapt well and mitigate the impacts of climate change and be more resilient.

With my extensive experience in the humanitarian and environmental fields, I am confident that volunteering for the CDF-Canada Voice project as a North-South Volunteer was the best natural progression in my career.

This experience as a North-South volunteer has not only allowed me to use the skills I have gained over the course of my career but also allowed me to have the opportunity to see that my knowledge and skills can make a sustainable and effective impact. This volunteer experience has fostered my personal and professional development, and I hope to continue volunteering to contribute to improved opportunities for young people and women.

“I am forever grateful and honoured to be part of CDF-Kenya/ACCOSCA”

Although 6 months has been short, this could represent a milestone achievement for a North-South volunteer.



Wilver Ongoro is a North-South Volunteering with CDF-Canada in Kenya for the Voice project initiative. She joined CDF-Canada towards the end of May 2022 as an Environmental Sustainability advisor. She is a highly qualified individual with experience in various tasks, including research, analysis, and operations.  Wilver has expertise in designing and implementing environmental sustainability programs for corporate and government clients. She is also able to evaluate environmental and occupational safety programs. Wilver is passionate about changing lives through creating sustainable solutions and challenging herself continuously, learning new things and exploring new opportunities.

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