Canadian Funding will Improve Food Security and Boost Revenues for over 12,000 Households in Ethiopia and Ghana

News Release

OTTAWA, ON, August 21, 2020 – Over 12,000 rural households in Ethiopia and Ghana will benefit from Canadian support to address the impact of COVID-19 on livelihoods and economic activity. The Access to Inputs and Capital to Sustain Livelihoods in Times of COVID-19 (ACCESS) Project will focus on improving access to agricultural inputs, markets and capital, to enable smallholder farmers in Ethiopia and Ghana to sustain their agricultural productivity and incomes throughout the current pandemic.

“We are delighted to enter into a partnership with the Government of Canada to deliver $2 million in aid at a time of unprecedented global economic and public health challenges,” said Benoit Andre, CDF Canada Executive Director. “Ethiopia and Ghana are particularly vulnerable in the face of the current pandemic, with markets, agricultural services and revenues being highly affected by movement restrictions and disruptions in supply chains. CDF Canada will leverage its field presence and work through local cooperatives to reach the most vulnerable households and provide critical resources, knowledge and skills to ensure that farmers remain food secure and productive during the current crisis.”

ACCESS Project will support local market development by working with cooperatives to help members implement short-term food security measures such as introducing kitchen gardens, in addition to post-harvest handling and storage facilities to reduce yield losses and maximize revenues. The project will also strengthen agricultural productivity by purchasing a wide range of inputs, including fertilizer, seeds and pesticides, and distributing them to local farmers to address the impact of price decreases and higher input costs due to COVID-19.

The newly approved project will also leverage links with the ongoing 4R Solution Project, currently implemented in Ethiopia, Ghana and Senegal, by providing technical assistance in agricultural knowledge and best practices to strengthen long-term resilience and expand implementation of local solutions, including access to harvest forecasts to inform crisis response and crop planning. 4R Solution Project is an innovative partnership between CDF Canada, Global Affairs Canada and Fertilizer Canada. It integrates the principles of co-operative development and sustainable agriculture management to support better economic opportunities for smallholder farmers, with a strong focus on women farmers.

ACCESS Project and the partnership between CDF Canada and Global Affairs Canada reflects the organizations’ commitment to respond in a timely and effective manner to the compounded impact of COVID-19 on food security and rural livelihoods. Furthermore, the project takes an integrated approach to addressing the unique challenges faced by women and building the long-term resilience of communities and institutions in Ethiopia and Ghana to address future external shocks.


The Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada has strong links to Canada’s
co-operative business and international development sectors. CDF Canada’s mission is to act on
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