RIMANSI protects 56% of the 48.98 million lives in the Philippines, with Microinsurance

10 August 2022

In the Philippines, marginalized populations have very limited access to credit and insurance services. Formal insurance providers were simply not reaching the vulnerable and impoverished people of the region due to challenges such as collecting premiums, managing co-variant risks, adverse selection processes and moral hazards. Yet sadly, research had shown that 20% of the population […]

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Co-operatives are all About Working and Building Solutions Together

14 July 2022

Samadanie Kiriwandeniya, Managing Director, SANASA International Pvt. Ltd shares her thoughts on their partnership with CDF Canada and the work we have undertaken together.    The Rise of the Sri Lankan Co-op Movement When looking at the international assistance and support provided to develop the cooperative movement in Sri Lanka, it is not wrong to state […]

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CDF Canada and the Partnership in Asia

14 July 2022

CDF Canada, formerly CCA, started its journey in Asia in the 1970’s. The aim was to advocate the cooperative union’s philosophy and principles. We spoke with Ranjith Hettiarachchi, Chief of Technical Team, Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU), who worked with CDF Canada in its early years and recalled the work undertaken in […]

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A Partnership Journey and Case study – Ghana Credit Union and CDF Canada

3 June 2022

Emmanuel Darko – An Agent of Change  CDF Canada is grateful to collaborate with people like Emmanuel Darko who are helping to innovate and transform old models of business, into newer, more prosperous ones. Emmanuel has vast experience with the credit union sector. As a former manager with the Ghana Co-operative Credit Union Association (CUA), […]

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We Need to be part of the Climate Change Solution – Right in Front and Center!

1 June 2022

I speak to this from a different angle, I speak from the viewpoint of people of the arctic because my parents still live in these communities.  Climate change is happening and we are adapting to the changes. I think we (people from the Arctic) still need to continuously be part of climate change discussions. When […]

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