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Every year, CDF Canada publishes key financial facts and figures. Here we provide information on the projects and funding received and expenses incurred.  

COVID-19 was a significant factor in affecting our results. However, donors have been proactive in supporting the cooperatives in the time of the pandemic. We have also maintained close contact and engagement and tried to help the cooperatives engage with local partners by providing regular assistance.  

We started COVID-19 Food Security Response Project in 2020-201. This emergency response project aimed to reach over 12000 small-holder farmers in Ethiopia and Ghana. We also started with Supporting Economic Prosperity for Women and Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine (SEW Ukraine), to build capacity for women in the garment industry.   

Project funding via donors has been a significant portion of the total revenues over the years. In 2021 there was a slight increase in the funding from the last year, but the fundraising revenues almost halved for the year 2021.  

We are confident that we will continue to support and build coops across the globe with support from donors and partners. The impacts of COVID-19 did make forecasting a bit challenging, but with promising new partnerships, we hope for similar revenues and increased impact. 

We aim to continue to work to achieve our strategic goal for the year. As we continue to work from home, we are considering the hybrid model in the near future. In the meantime, we will continue to engage and streamline our work and process and support coop communities globally.  

    Financial Statement 2021

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