Collaborative initiatives driving progress in the sewing industry, nationally and internationally

The Olyevi Ludan Co-operative in Kharkiv has successfully entered the Ukrainian and international markets.  

This new co-operative continues the rich tradition of Kharkiv leading in the production of sewing products, which supports the national economy and is initiating innovative projects, producing diverse garment products that are considered niche.  

Olyevi Ludan produces various products and services, encompassing plus-size women’s underwear, knitted sportswear for adults, festive and carnival costumes for children, and custom embroidery services for the finished products of co-operative partners. 

Gratefully embracing this opportunity, the co-op members have felt incredible support from the Supporting Economic Prosperity for Women and Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine (SEW Ukraine) project. 

Ievgenia Kopush at Texhibition.

The co-operative is named after its members – OL (Olena), YE (Yevgenia), VI (Viktoriia) – along with the ancient name for outerwear in the Ukrainian tradition, Ludan. 

The co-op members are mastering customer service and collaboration in conditions of uncertainty. With the supportive measures and training programs embedded in the SEW Ukraine project, co-op members are accurately assessing their strengths, blending creativity, past experience, and future plans for each member. 

“Despite our initial concerns, our varied experience provided us with flexibility in decision-making. We uncovered each of our unique strengths, distributed responsibilities, yet retained the shared interests and goals of the co-operative,” said Ievgenia Kopush, a co-operative member.  

Ievgenia said the co-operative is committed to preserving the traditions and experiences of their market clientele while simultaneously incorporating modern approaches and technologies to fortify the industry. 

“In the midst of a complex geopolitical situation, we strive to identify new opportunities for ourselves, recognizing the changing market dynamics,” she said. “We aim to leverage these changes for the benefit of our country and ourselves.” 

At present, co-operative members understand the pivotal role collaboration plays in business and personal development. 

“Through our participation in the SEW Ukraine project, we learned to execute small joint projects, plan and successfully undertake meeting with various people in the garment industry, and participate in exhibitions alongside other co-operatives,” said Ievgenia. “Consequently, we recognize the advantages of collaboration between co-operatives and plan to sustain such activities for the benefit of all participants.” 

Currently, the co-operative is utilizing facilities, all necessary equipment, hiring personnel, and actively developing its products. However, the most significant achievement lies in forging new connections among inspiring women, receiving robust support from the SEW Ukraine project, and fostering a belief in the promising future of the Olyevi Ludan Co-operative. 

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