My CDF Canada Board Journey

Patrice Pratt, Former Board Member, CDF Canada 

Patrice Pratt

My journey on the Board of Directors at CDF Canada began in 2005 and has been extremely rewarding since day one. The team was fantastic to work with, and I had the opportunity to participate in several key initiatives during my tenure, including his decision to restructure and move the organization under the umbrella of the Foundation. I also had the pleasure of supporting CDF’s fundraising efforts and working hands-on to explore opportunities with sizable donors such as the World Bank and other foundations.

I am often asked why I am so passionate about supporting CDF Canada’s work. It’s simple. I was on the ground and able to see the challenges people faced in developing countries firsthand and how the cooperative business model was able to improve their lives. The support we were able to offer through coaching, mentorship, and operational improvements was significant, as was the positive impact on people’s lives. 

For example, in Ghana, we were able to change the mindset of receiving charity through micro-lending – supported by education and coaching – giving back to the women while empowering them.  

As a past board member and ongoing donor, I wish CDF Canada a very Happy 75th Anniversary! 



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