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Peru is home to some of the world’s favorite exports. For example, the national government recently declared cocoa the ‘flagship product of Peru’ to recognize its role as an export commodity and revenue generator for rural communities. However, many farm communities have suffered from a lack of investment, resulting in declining yields over time.

CDF Canada’s INVEST Co-op Peru project is working with our local partner Norandino to bring needed training and production and marketing opportunities to cacao and coffee producers in the Piura, Cajamarca, Lambayeque, and Amazonas regions of the country.


The project’s goals are sustainable and gender-equitable development, improvement of the quality of life, and eradicating poverty by the expectations, aspirations, and well-being of smallholder farmers. The project will benefit 4,091 farmers directly and indirectly by providing capacity building and inputs to 12 primary organizations.

INVEST Co-op Peru is one of four projects within CDF Canada’s INVEST Co-op Program in Indonesia, Malawi, Mongolia, and Peru. INVEST Co-op is strengthening the position of smallholder farmers in agricultural markets through the integrated co-op model of interconnecting producer co-ops, marketing and processing co-ops, and financial co-ops.


Project Outputs and Outcomes

Over the four years of the project, direct beneficiaries have increased their income due to higher production volumes and productivity, improvements in product quality, higher prices, and access to specialty markets. Key successes of the INVEST project have occurred through training and economic participation initiatives for women and youth.

INVEST Peru project sought to build on the long-term efforts of Norandino to promote rural development throughout northern Peru and improve the living conditions of smallholder agricultural producers by increasing productivity through sustainable agricultural techniques, capacity building, and access to new markets. Project funds and activities also supported the construction of new infrastructure and equipment to improve product quality and enhance competitiveness in high-value markets.


Sustainable Development Goal

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