WMP: 20 years, 254 women credit union managers from 27 countries with support from 200 credit unions across Canada

This year is special for us – not only are we back with the in-person Women Mentorship Program starting on October 3, 2022, but we are celebrating 20 years of the Women Mentorship Program (WMP) since its inception.

Next week we will have 10 women credit union managers from Kenya, Malawi, and the Philippines, participating in a month-long program. The first two weeks will be in-person classroom training by experts from the credit union sector, followed by a two-week placement at a credit union in Canada.

Launched in 2002, the program aims to provide women credit union managers with an opportunity for professional development and personal growth. WMP is an excellent means to deliver a Canadian-based learning experience to women Credit Union Managers worldwide. The program provides participants with a unique opportunity to benefit from training specific to credit unions, management development, mentoring by professionals in their field, and many knowledge-sharing and exchange opportunities. Results from this program position Canada as a global brand in credit union development and build leadership capacity among women globally.

So far, we have engaged 254 women credit union managers from 27 countries. The host credit union and its employees volunteer their time, training materials, transportation and, in some cases,  accommodation in employees home so the participants can benefit from a full Canadian experience.

We are grateful to our dedicated facilitators, speaker experts and host credit unions for their continuous support of the Women’s Mentorship Program for the last 10 years.

Read the stories from past participants: 

What Does Women Mentorship Program Mean to You?

What Does Women Mentorship Program Mean to You?


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