CDF Canada and META Foundation Collaborate to Work in Ghana

8 December 2021

CDF Canada and META Foundation, Ghana, are pleased to announce their partnership to mutually support co-op communities in Ghana to promote sustainable agricultural practices and resilience, create awareness and support marginalized communities on natural resource management.   CDF Canada and META Foundation share a mission to build sustainable and prosper co-op communities.  We will collectively work on projects that will help accelerate agriculture, support sustainable livelihoods, and rural […]

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CDF Canada: Rebuilding Sustainable Future

24 October 2021

Every year, CDF Canada publishes key financial facts and figures. Here we provide information on the projects and funding received and expenses incurred.   COVID-19 was a significant factor in affecting our results. However, donors have been proactive in supporting the cooperatives in the time of the pandemic. We have also maintained close contact and engagement […]

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CDF Canada Announces Two New Directors to the Board

21 October 2021

CDF Canada today announced the appointment of Jean-Pierre Gagnon, President and Executive Director of Farm Mutual Re , and Renald Ching, Vice President and General Counsel at Everlink Payment Service Inc , to the board. “We feel honored to welcome the two directors to the board of CDF Canada. Their experience in the fields of mutuals and financial services will help complement and enhance […]

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CDF Canada and Nature Kenya to collaborate on biodiversity, conservation by building sustainable communities

8 October 2021

CDF Canada is pleased to announce a new partnership with Nature Kenya to support cooperative and community-based development mutually, preserve biodiversity, and conserve important sites and habitats. CDF Canada and Nature Kenya share a mission to build self-reliant, sustainable cooperative communities across the globe. Climate change has had a significant impact on the livelihoods of […]

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CDF Canada and UPA DI to collaborate to strengthen farmers cooperatives

23 September 2021

Agriculture plays a significant role in the economic development of a country, especially in developing countries. Agriculture is the primary source of food, income, and employment for the rural population. However, farmers face climate change, poverty, depleting natural resources, lack of tools, markets, technology, etc. In the light of these challenges, CDF Canada is pleased […]

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CDF Canada and Rooftops Canada – Abri International to collaborate on climate change mitigation, promoting food security, and building sustainable communities

13 September 2021

CDF Canada is pleased to announce the collaboration with Rooftops Canada – Abri International to mutually support cooperative and community-based development, capacity building, social and cooperative housing, agriculture, and climate change mitigation. CDF Canada and Rooftops Canada – Abri International share a mission to reduce poverty and build self-reliant, sustainable cooperative communities across the globe. Climate change […]

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CDF Canada and Africa Skills Hub to Collaborate

24 August 2021

CDF Canada is pleased to announce the collaboration with Africa Skills Hub to mutually support and advocate climate change efforts in adaptation and mitigation in the agricultural and co-operative sector. CDF Canada and  Africa Skills Hub share a mission to build self-reliant communities around Africa. Together, we aim to work on projects that reduce the negative impact […]

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Women’s Participation is vital to Achieving Sustainable Food and Nutritional Security

26 July 2021

Women, especially in rural areas, play a significant role in making food systems more productive and sustainable. They help in production, provide food for family consumption, reduce food losses, and market produce along the agriculture value chain. Yet, women have limited access to essential resources and services and are not part of the vital decision-making […]

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Taking Root and CDF Canada signs partnership

13 July 2021

Taking Root and CDF Canada is pleased to announce its partnership to mutually support its objectives of climate change mitigation and climate adaptation, agriculture, food security, biodiversity conservation, and enhancing community resilience. Taking Root and CDF Canada shares a joint mission to build prosperity and provide sustainable solutions to communities worldwide. We aim to work on […]

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